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Tourcoing has 15 sports halls, 9 sports complexes, 5 stadiums, etc. You’re bound to have a sports facility close to home. See the map for further information!

Sports facility 

Use the map below to find all the sports facilities in the town. Simply click on the information bubbles to obtain information about the places you’ve selected and zoom in or out as you wish to help you find your bearings.

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Team sports, racket sports, combat sports… There are over 70 clubs and associations offering sporting activities throughout the year. Whatever the discipline and whatever your level or age, you’ll find a sport to suit you in Tourcoing!

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Sports halls: Works in motion!

Renovation works (sports halls, schools, etc.) are underway to improve daily life for the people of Tourcoing. See the list of renovation works.

Focus on L’Atelier sports complex

Situated in the Virolois district and completely renovated, L’Atelier sports complex has given new life to the Buissart factory. Covering 8,781 m² on three levels, the sports complex contains 10 sports facilities, including:

  • 1 room for skateboarding / roller-skating / BMX - 927 m²
  • 1 fitness room - 282 m²
  • 1 martial arts room - 325 m²
  • 1 wrestling room - 840 m²
  • 1 boules pitch - 375 m²
  • 1 boxing room - 355 m²
  • 1 archery room - 460 m²
  • 1 bodybuilding room - 256 m²
  • 1 multi-purpose sports hall - 1666 m²
  • 1 games room - 136 m²
  • And: 242 m² of cloakrooms / washrooms and 1 underground car park covering 2500 m²

Focus on Tourcoing-les-Bains

… Or how to turn a fire station into a water centre! Right in the heart of town (opposite the Town Hall), Tourcoing-les-Bains is the biggest watersports complex north of Paris. The water centre covers 7000 m², including 1400 m² of pools. It also offers a Zen and fitness centre with spas, steam rooms, saunas and a solarium.



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