High-level clubs

Tourcoing is a particularly sports-loving town. A large number of disciplines are represented and several clubs operate at a national level. With TLM (volleyball), UST (football), handball, basketball, rink-hockey, water polo, wrestling, tennis and fencing, there’s something for everyone…

Tourcoing Lille Métropole Volley Ball (TLM)

Men’s team in League B

After twenty years at the highest national level and a presence on the European scene, TLM is currently in the men’s League B, with the firm intention of moving back up to League A as soon as possible. The club was born from a merger between Saint-Michel Tourcoing and Tourcoing Sport.
Founded by declaration to the Prefecture on 16 May 1994 of the semi-public company (SAEMS) with an executive board and supervisory committee.

  • Headquarters: Complexe sportif Léo Lagrange - rue des Anges, Tourcoing
  • Chairman: Vincent Royer

Union Sport Tourcoing Football (UST)

Men’s team in CFA2

UST is one of the town’s oldest clubs. Founded in 1898, the football section appeared in 1902. While the club is currently in CFA2, several great players with international reputations have been trained here, including Didier Drogba, Michael Klukowski, Larsen Touré and Yohan Cabaye.

Founded on 12 May 1898, US Tourcoing has been playing football since 1902

  • Chairman: Fabien DESMET
  • Headquarters: 559 rue de Gand
  • The club plays in CFA 2

Enfants de Neptune Tourcoing (ENT)

Men’s team in Pro A

One of the oldest Water Polo and Swimming clubs in France, it has brought fame to Tourcoing with its Water Polo section, which has been among the elite for 100 years, has one of the best records among clubs in France and has a strong presence in European competition.

Association governed by the law of 1901, founded on 5 October 1904.

  • Headquarters: Piscine Tourcoing-les-Bains, rue Aristide Briand
  • Chairman: Jérémy Parsy

Hockey Club du Fresnoy

Men’s team in Nationale 2

The Hockey Club du Fresnoy (HCF) has won a large number of national titles and taken part in European cups on many occasions. The men’s team now plays in Nationale 2 and the club focuses on training young players. HCF organises an international tournament in early July every year.
Founded in 1911, one of the oldest clubs in France.

  • Chairman: Isabelle Cottel
  • Headquarters: Complexe sportif Léo Lagrange - rue des Anges, Tourcoing

Tourcoing Hand Ball

Women’s team in Nationale 3

Tourcoing Hand Ball has been playing at a national level for several years, especially the women’s team, which is close to winning a place in Nationale 2...

  • Chairman: Guy Maris
  • Headquarters: 92 rue de Roncq 59200 Tourcoing
  • Indoor court: Complexe sportif Eugène Quivrin

Saint-Michel Tourcoing Basket

Men’s team in Nationale 2

The Saint-Michel basketball section is always involved at a national level. For several years it has played in Nationale 2, supported by a lyal crowd at every match in the Salle Decruyenaere in rue de Soisson.

  • Chairman: Nicole Delcour
  • Headquarters: Salle Decruyenaere - rue de Soissons, Tourcoing

Lutteur Club Tourquennois (WRESTLING)

The Tourcoing Wrestling Club has trained several athletes who have won a number of international titles (European championships, World championships and Olympic Games). It is one of the clubs that has won the most titles in France in this discipline.

  • Founded: 1st June 1938.
  • Chairman: Leïla Ghilmanou
  • Headquarters: 125 rue de Courtrai
  • Training: Salle de l'Atelier - rue des Piats

Union Sportive Tourquennoise d’Athlétisme

In order to compete at the highest level, ASPTT Lille and UST have joined forces to form a great club (LMA Lille Métropole Athlétisme). But UST, which has won numerous national and international titles, continues to organise major events such as the “Boucles Tourquennoises” (in October every year). The men’s and women’s teams are in Nationale 1A.
Founded at the Prefecture: 1st February 1909, as an association governed by the law of 1901.

  • Chairman: Marc Dufour
  • Training: Stade Charles Van de Veegaete - rue de Gand
  • Visit the UST website


Men’s team in Nationale 2

Tourcoing’s fencing club has trained a number of internationals and will soon be celebrating its 70th birthday.

  • Association governed by the law of 1901, founded in 1948.
  • Chairman: Pierre Secq
  • Headquarters: 132 rue Nationale - Salle d'Oriola