Focus on the town centre

Tourcoing’s centre is the beating heart of the town. It is nowadays very accessible (public transport, non-polluting transport, parking, traffic, etc.), multifunctional, welcoming and attractive. Welcome !

Things to see and do in the town centre

Tourcoing’s town centre offers a wide range of cultural, sporting, commercial and leisure amenities, all within close range of each other.

  • View the town centre amenities on the town map


Tourcoing’s historic pedestrian streets contain a wide range of small shops… Alongside dozens of businesses, the Saint Christophe shopping centre and the Les Écrans cinema add to this local offer.

Town centre markets:

If you like market shopping there are several opportunities every week!

  • Monday and Thursday, 8.30 am to 12.30 pm (food and clothing)
  • Saturday, 8.30 am to 12.30 pm (food)
marché centre-ville
Marché en centre-ville

Accessibility & transport

The town centre has a multimodal public transport hub with direct connections: 

  • By underground, tramway, bus (including LIANE, a high service level line)
  • By rail with the nearby station. In 2016, Tourcoing will be welcoming Ouigo trains (low-cost TGV offer from the SNCF)
  • 25 V’Lille self-service bike hire stations, i.e. 200 bikes. The town also has a V’Lille centre for practical information and long-term bike hire, and offers “Lilas” car-share vehicles (self-service car hire).
  • By car, nearly 2000 parking spaces (enclosed and/or covered) are available, and a redesigned traffic scheme provides easier access to the hyper-centre.

Town centre projects

The Swimming Pool Quadrilateral

The Council has embarked on an ambitious development programme known as the “Swimming Pool Quadrilateral”: a strategic area covering 5 hectares between rue Nationale, rue du Bus, rue du Haze and rue Gabriel Péri. This unexploited town centre site will eventually contain 300 homes, a school with 15 classes, an infancy centre, cultural and associative facilities, offices, shops and renovated public spaces.

“Institut du monde arabe”

Tourcoing’s town centre will soon be home to the regional branch of the “Institut du Monde Arabe”. The Institute will be housed in the former swimming school, which many of Tourcoing’s inhabitants frequented a few decades ago…

Administrative Centre

To make it easier to receive the Tourcoing public and make internal organisation more efficient, all the Tourcoing Town Hall services will soon be grouped together in the same building, a real administrative centre at the heart of the Swimming Pool Quadrilateral.